Comprised of veteran members from The Boys and Girls Choirs of Harlem, The Alumni Ensemble continues the legacy of high-quality vocal and artistic performances – dedicated to providing its audience with a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. The Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble was founded in 2007 under the direction of Terrance Wright.

Members of The Alumni Ensemble, ages 17 and up, were trained throughout their youth and teen years in both technical and professional performance excellence with the world-renowned Boys Choir of Harlem, Inc. As adults, they continue the tradition of excellence as ambassadors of world-class musical talent and epitomizing the impact of music to uplift and inspire today’s youth. An elite mix of 10 to 20 male and female musicians and vocalists in harmony, The Alumni Ensemble is unlike any other ensemble or choir performing today – offering spectacular performances ranging from classical, gospel, popular, inspirational, jazz, and R&B music – customizable to any type of performance event. Such performances have been recognized worldwide by respected organizations for high profile events and collaborations with other high profile musical artists and groups (see below for sample accreditations).

The future of The Alumni Ensemble is focused on continuing the rich tradition of The Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem – encouraging high standards for music education and training with positive impact on the local Harlem and worldwide community, especially for talented high risk youth. Now managed directly by alumni members, the Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble is testament to the evolution of students to successful managers leading the entrepreneurial development and the next phase of this important cultural organization.